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Casting Couch Excerpt from Keeping Sweets

In just a few days, the casting couch interviews will start with nineteen different authors from Dreamspinner Press. In preparation for those interviews, I wanted to give you a taste of Keeping Sweets, in the form of Evan's casting couch interview with Bran and it gets a little steamy (no guarantees the author interviews will end up the same way).

Evan is from a little town called Fairfax. This is the first time he's been in a larger city and has been called in for an interview with Les, the owner of the company, and Bran, who stage name is Noah, the star. Evan has already undergone the initial interview, and this is the scene where he films his "casting couch" interview to go live on the website.

Keeping Sweets will be out March 11th from Dreamspinner Press.

“Here we go.” Les gave the signal and counted down to the camera rolling.
Bran looked directly into the camera and gave the half smile that was his trademark.
“So we’ve got a new boy here with us at Sonic. Why don’t you tell us your name?”
“How ya doin’, Jackson?” He kept his tone confident and lighthearted. Despite his reservations, he wanted Evan to feel as relaxed as possible.
Evan laughed a little. “I’m good, Noah, thanks.”
“So we’re here to learn a little bit about you, so let’s start with where you’re from.”
“I was born and raised in Idaho. Never actually been anywhere else.”
“Anywhere in particular you’d like to visit?”
“Well, I guess I’ve always wanted to see the ocean. You know, hang out at the beach all day and play in the waves? Sounds pretty good to me.”
“I’m sure everyone at home would like to see that. I know I would. How old are you?”
“Eighteen.” Evan licked his lips and smiled. He was a natural at this, even though he didn’t know it. He flirted easily with Bran, seemingly unaware he was even doing it.
“So are you in college?”
“Not yet. This was my last week of my senior year of high school, but I’m hoping to go to college in the fall.”
“What are you going to study?”
“Microbiology and ecology.”
“Wow. Smart and hot. You’re the whole package. Speaking of packages, we’re going to see yours in a few minutes. When’s the last time you jerked off?”
The tips of Evans ears turned a light pink. “About two days ago I think.”
“And do you masturbate a lot?”
“Not really sure what qualifies as a lot, but it varies. Sometimes a few times a week, sometimes four or five times a day.”
“Sounds pretty normal to me. Why don’t you tell us about your first sexual experience.”
Evan blushed deeply, scarlet staining his cheeks. “How about I let you know in a few minutes.”
Bran’s breath stalled in his chest. “Cut, Les. Now.” He turned to Evan. “You’re a virgin?”
“Uh, yeah. Is that a bad thing?”
Les chose that moment to insert his two cents. “Not at all, sugar, in fact, that is a very, very good thing. Our members are going to love you.”
Bran leaned in closer to Evan. “You sure you want to do this? I mean, you might be in a bit over your head with all this.”
Evan looked even more embarrassed but hardened his expression to one of neutrality. “I’ll be fine.”
Bran hoped Evan knew what he was doing, but he wasn’t the kid’s keeper. He was eighteen, old enough to make his own decisions.
“Alright, let’s keep going then.” Bran put his game face back on and smiled at Evan.
“So, Jackson, are you straight, gay, bi?”
“The jury’s still out on that one. My theory is gay, but I’ve never had a chance to test it out.”
“This should be interesting then.” Bran gave him what he hoped was a reassuring smile. “Why don’t we get a bit more relaxed; can you take your shirt off for me?”
“Sure.” Evan reached behind him and dragged his T-shirt up over his head once more. His stomach muscles tensed with the effort and Bran felt the effect the boy’s body had on him again. He felt himself harden inside his shorts. He hadn’t expected getting it up this afternoon. He hadn’t taken his little blue pill. This was all Evan. Bran was impatient to see all of him.
“Nice. You work out a lot?”
“Not really. Not at all. Good genes I guess.”
“Why don’t we see how good the rest of your genes are? Why don’t you take off your pants?”
Evan stood and undid his belt, then wiggled a little as his jeans pooled on the floor at his feet. He kicked them away and sat back on the couch. Instinctively, he reached for his rigid shaft and stroked slowly to bring it to full length.
Bran was having a hard time concentrating on the questions he was supposed to be asking. “Even nicer. You have quite the body. What are your stats?”
“Uhh, I’m about five seven and about 125 pounds. I’m pretty small.”
Bran gave an easy laugh. “You’re not small everywhere.”
Evan smiled and nodded. “Lucky with proportions. Dick looks bigger because I’m so small.”
“I dunno about that. Looks good to me. Should we see what you can do with it?”
Evan raised his eyebrows, which made him look tempting as sin. Bran absolutely wanted to attack him, show him how good it can be when two people want it, and Bran definitely wanted it.
Evan’s breathing was already becoming ragged as he dragged his fist up and down. Bran flushed with desire. He needed to remember the rules. He wouldn’t get attached. He would keep this compartmentalized.
Get yourself under control, Bran, he mentally castigated himself.
He pulled off his own T-shirt, trying to lower his temperature and get his body back under control. His cock was pressing insistently against his zipper, begging to come out. He was used to coming multiple times per day and he hadn’t gotten off at all today. It was borderline painful.
Evan had increased his speed, his breathing quickening along with the rhythm of his strokes. His eyes fell closed as his head bobbed back, mouth open slightly. He was far too tempting not to touch.
Bran reached over and ran his hand from Evan’s knee to hip, feeling the soft skin, the light dusting of pale hair, and the tensing of muscles beneath his palm. Watching Evan’s expression carefully for any signs of discomfort, he allowed himself to continue lightly trailing his fingertips farther north over his left nipple.
Evan let out a small moan of pleasure. So, he had sensitive nipples. Bran could work with that. He leaned over and placed his lips on the side of Evan’s neck. He sucked gently, eliciting more moans from Evan, who was now so far gone in his pleasure that all he could do was feel.
That was exactly what Bran wanted him to do. Feel good. He pressed gentle kisses down his neck and over his shoulder before dropping lower to lave and suckle at his nipple. Evan lost it then, increasing his pace and thrusting up into each counter movement of his hand.
The sound of Les’s voice shook them both from the erotic spell that enveloped them.
“Noah, pull Jackson into your lap. Touch him.”
Bran lifted his head and looked at Evan, raising his eyebrows in question. Evan’s pupils were blown and his gaze glassy with need, but he managed to give a slight nod. That was all the permission Bran needed.
He reached over, hooked Evan under the armpits, and pulled him into his lap. The few inches difference in height made for a perfect fit. Bran reached beside the couch for the bottle of lube they kept there. He poured a healthy amount into his palm and pulled Evan’s hand away to replace it with his own. Gripping tightly, he ran his fingers over Evan for the first time. Evan hissed and arched against him, bucking up into his hand.
“Oh my God, Noah. So good. So, so good,” he whimpered.
The friction of Evan’s ass against Bran’s raging erection was torturous. It felt good, but wasn’t enough to give him the relief he craved. He used his other hand to push Evan’s hips back down, holding him close against his body. He could feel the heat rising off the boy, driving his passion to a fever pitch.
He once again tried desperately to get his own body under control. This wasn’t about him. This was Evan’s first time, and he wanted to make it as good as possible. He leaned forward and brushed soft kisses against Evan’s temple.
“Shhhh, it’s okay, just relax and let me take care of you.”
Evan let his head fall back against Bran’s shoulder, surrendering his body to him to do with what he pleased. Bran wanted desperately to bury himself inside the younger man’s body.
He could feel Evan trembling with the need for release. He was close. Bran could feel it. He snaked his hand down and pressed his fingers firmly against the sensitive skin behind Evan’s balls. Evan cried out as he came. Thick ropes of come splashed over his stomach and coated his abs and Bran’s fingers.
Bran slowed his strokes to bring Evan down slowly. He laid kisses along his neck and shoulders as Evan relaxed back against him.
That was so hot Bran had almost come in his pants. He needed to get a grip before he lost it entirely. Maybe one too many years of denying any sort of connection with the guys he worked with had come back to bite him in the ass. He was going to have a hard time denying the attraction he felt for this one.

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