Saturday, 2 November 2013

Raine O’Tierney's Rap Sheet Interview

Raine is braver than a lot of people would be, and has opted to fill out her rap sheet interview as herself rather than one of her characters.

To learn even more about this up and coming author you can visit her here:

Please let it be known that my lawyer, Chiaki Yasuo, has advised me not to comment on any ongoing investigations. In fact, she feels strongly that I shouldn’t even be giving out information concerning planned crimes of passion and past errors in judgement . When I told her how EXCITED I am about Cate Ashwood’s new Hope Cove Series and my desire to be part of her rap sheet promotion, the look in my lawyer’s steely eyes momentarily softened and she said, “Well, in that case… NO.” But I’m stubborn and Chiaki Yasuo isn’t real, so I’m doing the rap sheet!

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  1. My first ever interview with my most favoritest m/m author! <3 Thank you!

    Please tell Oliver to get his ass over here and make me some eggs that have squid in them!!