Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Phoenix Emrys's Rap Sheet Interview

Thanks for joining us today for Phoenix to give us a little background info on Gil Donigan, her character from The "L" Bomb. 

Gil Donigan has made a career of treating the word “love” like something from an NFL playbook. Then he meets Devon Drake, and for the first time says “I love you” and really means it. Devon immediately bolts, and that was the last thing Gil expected. But maybe he had it coming; he got as good as he’d ever given. Karma's a bitch, he thinks, but he’ll take the hit like a man. His new game plan? Shake off the heartbreak and move on, but Gil may need to rethink his recovery when Devon turns up on his doorstep with an enigmatic box, begging for a chance to explain.

Available from Dreamspinner Press:

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