Thursday, 24 January 2013

My New Home

Welcome to my brand new blog. There really was nothing wrong with the old one, except the TOS wouldn't let me post adult content, and we can't have that, can we?

With the casting couch interviews that are coming up next month, I wanted to make sure everyone was free to post as many sexy scenes as they wanted to.  In addition to that, Keeping Sweets is coming out in a mere 46 days (and yes, I am counting them down). Pretty quick I will be posting the excerpt from their own casting couch interview, and to be honest it gets a little steamy. Don't want anyone getting offended.

The second round of edits went back last night for Keeping Sweets. Let me just say, thank god for editors.  I've heard horror stories about other authors' experiences with editors. I was prepared to have my ego destroyed, but the editors I've had the privilege of working with at DSP have been amazing. They were encouraging and thorough. They found issues with my manuscript I missed in all those many readings I've done. They really have made my story so much better.

Everything is coming together and it's actually starting to feel real now. I realized today that in a few weeks, Keeping Sweets will be on the Dreamspinner Coming Soon page. It is almost a real book!

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